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Assign User Roles

One of the many responsibilities of the organization administrator on DIKSHA is to assign roles and responsibilities to users within an organization. The administrator can assign more than one role to a user .


Step Screen
1. You are logged in as an administrator
3. You have clicked on Profile from the profile menu drop-down

Select User

Step Screen
1. Type the name of the user on the search bar
2. Click the search icon

View User Search Results

Step Screen
For any registered user on DIKSHA, you can:
1) Edit User Role
2) Block User
4. Click Close icon to exit the search results display

Assigning and Updating User Role

Step Screen
1. Click on the Edit icon to assign roles to the user. The Select Role page is displayed
1. Names of different organizations that have been uploaded are available here. Select the organization, of which users must be assigned roles, from the drop-down
2. To select and assign user role, click on the check box. To un-assign the role, click on the checkbox to clear it.
Note: A user can be assigned more than one roles
3. Click Update to save and update the assigned roles

Blocking Users

Step Screen
1. Click on the delete icon to delete a user
2.Click Yes on the Block User dialog box to delete the user
Note: To unblock a user, user details have to be uploaded again. To upload user, refer Register Users