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The NEP-2020 envision that the opportunity to attain foundational literacy, obtain an education, and pursue a livelihood must be viewed as basic rights of every citizen. Literacy and basic education open up whole new worlds of personal, civic, economic, and lifelong-learning opportunities for individuals that enable them to progress personally and professionally. At the level of society and the nation, literacy and basic education are powerful force multipliers which greatly enhance the success of all other developmental efforts. Worldwide data on nations indicate extremely high correlations between literacy rates and per capita GDP. Also the NEP-2020 states that technology will be leveraged to strengthen and even undertake the initiatives. Quality technology-based options for adult learning such as apps, online courses/modules, satellite based TV channels, online books, and ICT-equipped libraries and Adult Education Centres, etc. will be developed, through government and philanthropic initiatives as well as through crowd sourcing and competitions. In many cases, quality adult education could thereby be conducted in an online or blended mode. Keeping the above in mind the cell for National Center for Literacy through Adult Education and Continuing Learning , NCERT aims to increase the quality of life of an individual by enabling them to pursue their livelihood , be aware of their rights and responsibilities by impart foundational literacy and numeracy, critical life skills including financial literacy, legal literacy, digital literacy , health and awareness and so on. Also by generating awareness about various matters thus contributing to the growth and development of the nation.

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