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The Department of School Education, Government of Jammu and Kashmir believes that the Teacher community is Backbone of the development of the society in Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The SCERT J&K makes the use of Diksha portal to enable, intensify and amplify solutions in realm of teacher education. It aids teachers to learn and train themselves digitally. It helps teachers to create in-class resources, and connect with the larger teacher community all across the UT of Jammu and Kashmir and the country. The Directorate of SCERT J&K aims to leverage DIKSHA-JK, as a platform for teaching community to create and exchange e-resources, as a result, to bring about qualitative changes in teaching learning process. A dedicated team of content creators for students and Teachers is constantly at work to add resources on DIKSHA Portal. SCERT J&K and JKBOSE together try their utmost to energize all the textbook titles of classes 1 to 12 and also enable Teacher Professional Growth by adding various Teacher Training courses on DIKSHA Portal. SCERT Jammu and Kashmir trained 90944 Elementary Teachers and Masters in NISHTHA(National Initiative for Schools Heads and Teachers Holistic Advancement) .


  • To promote educational researches and training of teachers
  • To develop the curriculum, aiming at an all-round development of children.
  • To develop Educational Technology & material for use in the teaching learning activities and training programmes.
  • To devise the systems and approaches for quality education to achieve learning outcomes.
  • To develop the strategies to achieve the goals of education for equality.
  • To establish linkages with NCERT, and MoE
  • To develop, adopt/adapt, & produce curricular materials, text-books and other related instructional materials.
  • To develop educational materials for the education of and guidance of Specially abled children .
  • To provide pre-service and in-service training to teachers at all levels of school education.
  • To assist and advise the various agencies of mass media for the propagation of education.
  • To identify the talented children and plan for nurturing of their talent.
  • To develop the State/UT and District level Resource Centres in the State/UT in the various fields of education.
  • To develop and manage the educational information system.
  • To function as link organization between the National/State/UT and District level institutions.
  • To Use DIKSHA portal to provide a high quality platform that empowers teachers, enables them to collaborate across the state, and enriches their personal and professional development.
  • Teaching/learning in schools- DISHA (Directions Invoking Self Help Applications)

    Creation of Online Guidelines/Supplementary Support on Pilot Basis for class 10th students in Annual Examination 2021,for Summer Zone in the Subject Science and Mathematics.

    The experts devised and prepared the transcript regarding the preparation of videos, for the students , Teachers and Parents .

    The guidelines and the supporting material was prepared in the form of videos and following Exemplar modules/Videos were prepared

    Team involved for the creation of DISHA Module

    S.NO Name Job Assigned
    1 Ravi Kumar VL DIKSHA Team MoE
    2 Leenus Roufin DIKSHA Team MoE
    3 Peerzada Bashir Ahmad Coordinator NISHTHA/ In charge Move Office
    4 Riyaz Ahmad Reshi State Technical Coordinator
    5 Javeed Hassan Sofi IT Expert
    6 Sajad Akbar Rather IT Expert
    7 Anjeela Om Raina Field Teacher.
    8 Veeny Jolly Field Teacher.
    9 Saiqa Khan Field Teacher.
    10 Iqvinder Pal Singh Field Teacher.
    11 Parveen Kumar Field Teacher.
    12 Rohi Sultana Field Teacher.
    Energised Textbooks - Overview
    एनरजाइज़्ड पाठ्यपुस्तक - अवलोकन


    Development of Self-Sustained environment in school Education by creating need based problem solving study material in terms of E-Content for Teachers and Students, so that Teachers and Students can became the co-constructors of Knowledge to set a standard in online and Digital Learning