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Courses in DIKSHA are created by a mentor and can be viewed by both anonymous users and signed in users. An anonymous user can open and view the courses structure on DIKSHA while a registered user can enrol for a course. Guidelines of taking a course vary from course to course and are upto the discretion of the course creator.


Step Screen
1. You have clicked on the Courses tab

Anonymous User

An anonymous user can perform multiple action on the portal such as:

  • Selecting a language for the portal
  • Searching and exploring the courses
  • Viewing course structure on DIKSHA

Selecting Language

Step Screen
1. Click Select Language drop-down icon to change the language. The portal is available in three languages:
 a) English
 b) Hindi
 c) Urdu

Searching and Exploring Courses

On DIKSHA you can search for courses using the Search bar, QR codes, or Explore Content options

Step Screen
Using Search Bar
1. Enter keywords in the search bar
2. Press Enter or click the Search icon to search for courses
Using QR Codes
1. Click Enter QR Code
2. Enter the QR Code key
3. Click Submit. Course tagged to the given QR code is displayed here
Using Explore Content You can select different filters to search and explore the content
1. Click Topics. To know more, refer Selecting Topics
2. Select Purpose
3. Select Medium
4. Select Class
5. Select Subject
6. Select Organization
7. Click Submit. The search results are displayed here
8. Click Reset to reset the filters
Selecting Topics
1. On clicking Topics, the Topics pop-up is displayed here
2. Click Topics to populate the available list of topics
3. Enter the topic name in the search bar to navigate to the desired topic
4. Navigate and select one or more topic
5. Click Selected Topics to view the list of topics that you have selected
6. Click Done to confirm the search
7. Click Cancel to drop the selected topics and go back to previous screen

Viewing Course Details

After you search for the course, click on course card to open the course.

Step Screen
1. The following details about the course is displayed here:
 a. Name of the course
 b. Rating assigned to this course
 c. Description about the course
2. Click Share icon to share the course
3. Click Folder icon or (+) icon, to view the content of the course
a. The table of contents of the course is displayed here
Note: Anonymous users can only view the table of contents of the course, they have to sign in to enroll for a course.
When an anonymous user clicks on a course, a pop-up window is displayed with a message "Sign in to enroll in this course"
4. The ongoing batches for the course are displayed here
5. Click Enroll to register for the course. For details, refer Enrolling in a course
6. The list of content types in the course materials is displayed here, for example, pdf, video
7. The list of Creators, Contributors, and Creation Date of the course is displayed here

Signed in user

Any registered user can enroll for a course which is open for enrollment or participate in the course for which they are invited.

Enroll for a Course

You can take up a course by enrolling for a course. For details, refer Enrolling in a Course