Course QR Codes


DIKSHA has a wide variety of courses and sometimes it becomes cumbersome for teachers to search and find a particular course. In order to aid the teachers to easily search and identify what they are looking for, DIKSHA provides the feature of linking online courses with QR codes.

The organization administrator, the course mentor or a content reviewer can download QR codes from DIKSHA and link them to courses. The QR codes can be printed and attached to flyers, or circulars and so on, and distributed amongst the teachers. The teachers can scan these QR codes using their mobile phone and they will directed to the right course on the portal.

This section explains how to download QR codes from DIKSHA.


Step Screen
You are logged in
1. You are on Workspace
2. You have clicked on Published on the left pane

Downloading QR Codes

Step Screen
1. Click Download Course QR Code to link QR codes to the published courses and download these QR codes
A .csv file is downloaded. The file, by default, is saved in the Downloads folder. The .csv file has the following details:
  • Course Name
  • QR codes
  • Link to QR code image