Course Mentor


A course mentor guides and instructs the learners on how to undertake a course. Mentors create, update, and delete the course batches, assign these batches to users who wish to enroll for the course. They ensure that the course is completed within a stipulated time.

A course mentor can:

  • create a batch
  • add or edit other mentors to a batch
  • add or edit participants to a batch
  • edit ongoing batches
  • view status of all the batch participants

When a course mentors assigns any other user as a course mentor for the batch, the added mentor gets an email notification and confirms them as assigned mentors for the course.


Step Screen
1. You are logged in as a Course Mentor

Accessing your Workspace

A course mentor can manage the batches using the workspace. The batches can be viewed under Course Batch section. A batch creator can:

  • create a new batch
  • assign other mentors to the batch
  • can view batches created by them
  • can view batches assigned to them
Step Screen
1. Click Workspace
2. Click Course Batch
 a. Select Created by me to view the courses that you have created
 b. Select Assigned to me to view the courses in which you have been assigned as mentor
3. The course batches are segregated based on the batch chronology for the courses under both Created by me &Assigned to me sections:
 a. Ongoing Batches: The batches being conducted currently
 b. Upcoming Batches: The batches scheduled for a particular date in future
 c. Expired Batches: The batches conducted in past
Note: As a course mentor, the Workspace option, by default, directs you to the Created by me section

Exploring the Courses

You can explore and search courses on DIKSHA using Explore Courses

Step Screen

1. The list of the courses appears under
 a. My Courses
 b. Open for enrollment
 c. Latest Courses
2. Select any course
3. To view more courses in any section, click left or right arrow icon

Creating Batches

A course mentor can create course batch for different courses. The course mentor can be either the owners of the course or just the mentor of the course created by any other creator on DIKSHA portal. Depending on the specific role that has been assigned to the course mentor, the course batches can be created as invite only or open for enrollment. The courses are listed in the Courses tab. For details about creating a batch, refer Batch Creation

Note: In case you have creator role associated with mentor role, the courses in which you have contributed, appears under All My Content. Before creating a course ensure that the course is published and in Live status.

Viewing Batch Status

The mentor can view the status of the created batch.

Step Screen
1. Select the batch option from the drop-down menu in the right pane
 a. Ongoing
 b. Upcoming
Information about ongoing or upcoming batches is displayed here
1. Click View Course Dashboard from the Courses page
2. Select the batch from the drop-down menu. The top pane of the report displays the following information about the batch: - The Start Date of the batch - The End Date of the batch - The total number of participants in the batch - The total number of certificates issued for completion of the course
3. Search for participants using the Search bar
4. Click Score Report to download and view the score card of the users who have attempted the Self-Assess questions in the course
5. Click Progress Report to download and view the course report in your desktop or laptop
The batch report shows:
 a. Name of the participants
 b. Organization name of the participants
 c. Mobile number of the participants
 d. The date on which the participants have enrolled for the course batch
 e. The course completion status of each participant
 f. Whether a certificate has been issued to the participant
6. Click X to close the report

Managing Batch Details

A course mentor can manage a course batch. The courses mentor can edit and update the following details:

A batch creator can create a new batch and assign other mentors to the batch. As a course mentor you can view batches assigned to you and created by you in your workspace. The following table helps you to distinguish the updates you can make between batches assigned to you as a mentor and batches created by you.

Component Expired Batch Ongoing Batch Upcoming Batch
Name of the batch No No Yes
About the batch No Yes Yes
Start Date No No Yes
End Date No Yes Yes
Add/Remove Mentors & Participants No Yes Yes

Editing Batches

Step Screen
1. Click Edit icon, to update the batch details

Sharing Batch Details

You can share the batch details of the courses with other users

Step Screen
1. Click Share icon from the Courses page, to share the batch link
2. On the share pop-up, click Copy Link
Share the copied link through any medium viz, email, Whatsapp, Facebook