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Explore DIKSHA

An anonymous user can explore DIKSHA and access the content avilable in the repository.


Step Screen
1. Click Get Started. The Explore DIKSHA page appears

Exploring DIKSHA Portal

Step Screen
On DIKSHA you can search the content using
1. Enter the text in Search text box
2. Click Search icon
Note: You can further filter the search result
3. Click Enter DIAL Code text box. Refer Searching Content Using DIAL Code
4. Select the language of the portal
5. Select following filter from their respective drop-down lists to filter the content:
 a) Board
 b) Medium
 c) Subject
 d) Class
6.Click Submit to search using filters
7.Click Reset to reset filters
8.Browse through the list of available content. Use
 a.Previous to go to previous set of content
 b.Next to go to next set of content

Searching Content Using DIAL Code

Step Screen
1.Select Enter Dial Code button to search a textbook. The DIAL Code popup is displayed
a.Enter the DIAL Code in Enter DIAL Code here text box
Note:DIAL Code is the 6 digit alphanumeric code found under a QR code in your physical text book.
b.Click Submit to submit the DIAL Code