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Introduction to Survey

A survey is a set of questions that are administered to record data on the opinions or feedback of the one filling out the survey. Surveys are not taken up or recorded against any specific entity. Specific sub-roles are targeted by the content creator to fill out the survey.

Reports of the survey are accessible to users and content creators. An individual report is accessible to the user in the reports section of the DIKSHA app. A report of all responses to the survey form is accessible to the content creator.

Content creators create a survey using a template. Content creators can do the following actions:

  • Set a time period for consumption of the survey.
  • Access user response reports for the survey on the app.
  • Create multiple types of questions, including single-select, multi-select, date entry, sliders, text-only, number-only and dependent questions.
  • Add hints or tips for questions and allow users to add remarks or evidence.

Any targeted user can fill out the survey. Users can do the following actions:

  • View tips on answering questions in a survey.
  • Add additional comments in the remarks section.
  • Upload files along with responses.

What’s Next?