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A Program enables organizations to define, run and track a set of related activities to achieve a specific set of goals, with precise tracking of progress and completion. A Program is time-bound with a defined start and end for completion. A Program can be targeted to multiple sets of target users. A Program consists of different activities such as - taking a set of surveys, doing a set of improvement projects, taking a set of observations, etc. Each activity within a Program can have its own set of target users and a defined schedule.

A Program Designer can create Programs for different entities and sub-roles using a Program template. Program Designers can:

  • Create a Program by stitching different resources.
  • Add metadata fields to create a Program.
  • Sequence different resources that are part of the Program.
  • Target the Program and resources to a geography.
  • Target the Program and resources for different system roles.
  • Edit the Program, with the following limitations:

    • Add or remove resources before a Program is live.

    • Modify the end date of the Program before its current end date.

Any logged-in and targeted user can:

  • View the Program.
  • Consume all resources within the Program targeted to their sub-role.

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