Program Dashboard


  • Program Dashboards are accessible to anyone who has Program Manager and Program Designer rights on DIKSHA platform. To access the program’s report, the Program Manager and Designer need to be mapped to that Program. For Eg: Program Manager A has access to the Program data, only they are mapped as a Program Manager for Program. These reports are generated on-demand based on user requests. The requested report is generated within 24 hours and can be downloaded in CSV format. Within the program Dashboard, there are 3 tabs- Program Datasets, Graphs, and Tables.

  • There are 2 types of filters on the Program Dashboard- Mandatory filters and Non-mandatory filters. Program and Resource filters are Mandatory filters that must be selected for requesting any report. Non-Mandatory filers like District, Organization, Start date, and end date can be selected by users to get reports that are narrowed down to specifics. On selecting ‘Filtered Task Detail Reports’ and ‘Status Report’, additional filters are opened up.

  • In the Graphs and Tables tabs, users can get the report of any Program and its related resource in form of graphical data. The user can choose to obtain filtered data by choosing from the available filters. The graphs and tables give users district level view and can also be exported and shared.

Before You Begin

Who can access Program Dashboard? Users with Program Manager and Program Designer Rights
How is Program Dashboard accessed? Using the DIKSHA Portal
What is needed? Login ID with Program Designer or Program Manager Rights


What will be the outcome?
  • Access Program Dashboard and Program Datasets
  • Understand features of Program Dashboard
  • Access Graphs and Tables

Access Program Dashboard and Program Datasets

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to access Program Dashboard and Program Datasets on DIKSHA Portal.

Video Download

Features of Program Dashboard

The video provides step-by-step information about the features of Program Dashboard

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Access Graphs and Tables

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to access Graphs and Tables

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Additional Notes

  • On selecting Filtered Task Detail Report, 3 additional filters open up - Minimum no. of tasks in Project, Minimum no. of task evidence, and Minimum no. of project evidence. These filters allow users to filter based on the no. of tasks in a project and no. of evidence attached at a task or project level.

  • On selecting Status Report, an additional filter of ‘Status’ is opened up that allows users to request the report based on project progress status i.e., started or completed.

What’s Next?

Program Reports