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Accessing Programs


Programs can be accessed using the Programs tile on DIKSHA app. Logged-in users with HT and officials role will be able to access targeted Programs using the Programs tile.

Before You Begin

Who can access Programs? Users with HT and Official role who have been targeted to the program
How to access programs? Using the Program tile on DIKSHA app’s Home page
What is needed?
  • Updated profile with the board, sub role, and location (state, district, and other details)
  • User should be on the Home page.


What will be the outcome? Access a list of Programs

Access Programs

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to access Programs on the DIKSHA app.

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • If a user has no programs targeted to their profile, they will see a message ‘No Data Found’.

  • If a user has not updated their profile based on their sub-role, they get a pop-up message to update their profile when they access the Program tile.

What’s Next?