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Program Creation


Programs are created and updated by the Program Designer using a template. After the filled template is sent over email to the DIKSHA support team, the team then uploads the program on DIKSHA.

There are 5 tabs in the Program Template- Instructions, Program Details, Resource Details, and Program Manager Details. The template is color-coded to focus user attention on areas that require the filing of some sort of description, mandatory fields, optional fields, and conditionally optional fields.

The program can have one Program Designer but can have multiple Program Managers. Program Designers and Program Managers have to be authorized by the state tenant.

Resources that can be added to a Program include:

  • Observations

    Observations are a set of questionnaires that are specific to a particular entity (such as a school block or cluster). Observations can be recorded at multiple instances, whenever necessary.

  • Projects

    An improvement project is a set of defined and easy tasks that allow users to achieve specific objectives towards empowering schools.

  • Survey

    A Survey is a simple questionnaire that gets anonymized data i.e., Surveys are not targeted to a specific school, district, or cluster.

Before You Begin

Who can create a Program? User with Program Designer role
What is needed? Editable copy of the Template for Creating Program Resources to be included in the program should be published on DIKSHA.


What will be the outcome? Program Designer fills the template for creating a program.

The video provides the step-by-step information to create a Program.

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • Download the template to fill it.

  • Click here to know how to modify a live program.

What’s Next?

Program Dashboard and Reports