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Improvement Projects

Introduction to Improvement Projects

An improvement project enables leaders to define and track a set of easy and obtainable tasks that allow users to achieve specific objectives toward improving schools. Content Creators create the Projects on DIKSHA on a template mailed to the DIKSHA team through a registered email ID. Projects can be accessed by users who select their role as a Teacher or HT & Officials in their profile.

Content creators create a Project using a template. Content creators can:

  • Set the objective for the Project.
  • Breakdown Project into actionable micro tasks.
  • Define the timelines and duration.
  • Add relevant learning resources to the tasks or Project.
  • Attach observations to be conducted by users.
  • Mark the tasks as mandatory for compulsory non-editable tasks.
  • Add a certificate to the project.
  • Add issuance criteria for the certificate.

Any logged-in user can use the Projects. Users can:

  • Start the Projects.
  • Edit the objective, duration, or tasks as per need.
  • Add tasks or subtasks as required.
  • Mark task/subtask in progress or completed
  • Attach files as evidence.
  • Submit the Project post completion.
  • Share the Project and tasks as PDFs with anyone.
  • Create Projects quickly for their needs.
  • Receive and access certificate.
  • Scan certificate QR for verification.

What’s Next?

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