Improvement Projects


Improvement projects help users to set clearly planned and structured tasks to improve the process, programs or activity in a set amount of time.

On DIKSHA, content creators can create a project using a template. In a project:

  • Set the objective for the project
  • Breakdown project into actionable micro tasks
  • Define the timelines and duration
  • Add relevant learning resource to the tasks or project
  • Attach observations to be conducted by users
  • Mark the tasks as mandatory for compulsory non-editable tasks

On DIKSHA, any user upon logging can use the projects. Users can:

  • Start projects
  • Edit objective, duration or tasks as per need
  • Add tasks or subtasks as required
  • Mark task/subtask in progress or completed
  • Attach files as evidences
  • Submit the project post completion
  • Share the project and tasks as pdfs with anyone
  • Create projects quickly for their needs

Who can create an improvement project?

Any registered users with content creation rights can create improvement projects on DIKSHA. (For details on creation, refer to Project creation tab).