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Content Types


DIKSHA houses a variety of content collections like, courses, digital textbooks, TV classes, etc. All content collections are categorized as:

  • Trackable
  • Non- trackable

Trackable content

Trackable content collections are those for which you can:

  • View and track user progress
  • Assess users
  • Issue certificates
  • Set a start and end date
  • Create multiple batches

For example: if you enrol for a course, you must complete it within the specified time, do the associated assessments after which you will be awarded a certificate (if it is a certificate course). For the duration of the course, you and the course administrator can view your progress. Once you complete the course, you will see that the course progress is 100%.

Non-trackable content

Non-trackable content collections are those for which you can:

  • View content

Typically, the users or the administrators cannot track the progress of completion of these content, and generally there is no certificate associated with the collection.