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A Library typically refers to a space, housing a large collection of books, resources or information. Extending the literary meaning, Library, a key module of DIKSHA displays all content created or uploaded on the platform. The library is accessible to all registered users.

This page elaborates the various user interface elements of the Library


Step Screen
1. You are logged in
2. You have clicked on the Library tile
3. Click on the drop-down icon to change the language. The portal is available in two languages:
 a) English
 b) Hindi

Exploring the Library

Content is displayed under the following categories in the Library:

  • Featured content
  • Textbooks
  • Teaching material
  • Learning material
  • Practice and test material

Exploring Content

Step Screen
You can explore content in the Library section using either of the following options:
1. QR Codes
2. Search bar, or
3. Explore options
Using QR Codes
1. Click Enter QR Code
2. Enter the QR Code key
3. Click Submit. Content tagged to the given DIAL is displayed
Using Explore options
1.Select the following from their respective drop-down menus:
 a) Board
 b) Medium
 c) Class
 d) Subject
 d) Content Types
2. Click Submit. The search results are displayed
3. Click Reset to reset the filters

Viewing Content

Users with registered credentials can view and download content from the Library.

Step Screen
1. Scroll right or left using the Arrows to scroll through listed content
2. Click on any content card to view the content
1. Click the content you wish to view. The content is displayed within the inbuilt content player. Description and details of the content are provided below the player:
The following details are displayed about the content:
a. Content Description
b. Content Structure
c. Medium
d. Class
e. Subject
f. Last Updated
g. Created On
h. Ownership
i. Organisation
  • The email ID is clickable. Once you click the link, it launches the email client, for example: Gmail, Outlook. The content name becomes the subject in the email. You can share your feedback about the content via email.
  • Sharing Stories

    Step Screen
    1. Click the Share icon to share the story
    2. A screen with the link to the story is displayed
    3. Click COPY LINK to copy the link
    4. Click Close icon to go back to the content player

    Copying Content

    Step Screen
    1. Select any content from the Library to view the content
    Note: Users with creation rights can copy any content available in the Library
    1. Click Make Copy icon to copy content
    The content is copied into the Draft folder
    Note: The following are the attributes of all copied content:  
  • All copied content resides in the Draft folder
  • The copied content is tagged with the prefix Copy of before the original content name
  • The user, organisation details, copy type, and source information are captured
  • The links to the assets and objects remain intact
  • Taking Notes

    Step Screen
    Click on a course content. The content player window is displayed
    1. Click TAKE NOTE icon or link to take notes while viewing the story
    1. Enter Title
    2. Enter Description
    3. You can format the description entered with the various formatting options available
    4. Click Clear to clear the note
    5. Click Save to save the note
    6. Click Close icon to exit the page

    Downloading Content

    The download button appears while viewing webm and mp4 content.

    Step Screen
    To download a content:
    1. Click on the burger menu
    2. Click the Download button or press Ctrl+S to download file in a new tab
    The file gets downloaded on your the device
    Note: In case there is not enough space on your device to download and extract the file, a pop-up message appears saying “Insufficient space on disk.”