Improvement Project Creation


DIKSHA Improvement Projects are created by Content Creator and can be viewed only by signed-in users who are logged in either as HT & officials or in teacher roles.


Logged-in as HT & Official:

  • Updated profile with board, subrole and location (state, district and other details)
  • Go to the home page

Logged-in as Teacher

  • Updated profile with board and location (state, district and other details)
  • Go to the homepage on the Browse other categories section (‘New experience’ need to be selected)

Note: The Project tile for Teachers is available only if it has been enabled for the board. (The admin can request this to the DIKSHA Support team)

A content creator guides the user in taking up a project by putting together tasks and other things in an improvement project. Creators can create and update improvement projects through a template and get them uploaded on DIKSHA with the help of the support team.

A content creator can:

  • Set the objective for the project
  • Breakdown into actionable micro tasks
  • Define the timelines and duration
  • Add relevant learning resource
  • Attach observations to be conducted by users
  • Mark the tasks as mandatory for compulsory non-editable tasks
  • You have a content creator right
  • You have the template for creating a project

Accessing the Template

  • You can download the template from here.
  • Create a copy of the template to be able to edit it.

About the Template

In the Improvement project template, you can find the following three tabs:

  1. Instructions
  2. Project Upload
  3. Task Upload

In the Instruction sheet, you will find the general instructions in detail explaining the columns related to Project Upload & Task Upload sheets. Project Upload & Task Upload sheets have mandatory, optional & conditionally optional fields and it is highlighted with different colors. Please refer to the instructions page to understand the same. You can take the help of ‘Description’ to understand the columns in the template and start with the creation of an improvement project.

Here’s a screenshot of the Instructions sheet

Adding Details to the Template

In the project upload sheet, you can add the project details like project title, description, categories, learning resources, duration, goal, and more.

Here’s a screenshot of the Project Upload sheet

In the task upload sheet, you can add the task details of the project along with observations & learning resources. You can also make a task mandatory or optional.

Here’s a screenshot of the Task Upload sheet

Getting the Project Uploaded

You can get the project uploaded with the help of the support team. You need to follow the following steps,

  1. Send an email to requesting to upload the project on DIKSHA by attaching the template in the email.
  2. Support team validates the request and uploads the project.
  3. Once the project is uploaded, you will be notified.

Note: To get the Improvement Project mapped to a Program, for details please refer to Programs.