Managing Questions


The questions that you copy or create are editable. You can further create a copy or delete them. Add these questions in the question set to observe the changes.

Editing Questions

Step Screen
On the Pick Question page
1. Click Edit icon. The editable question is displayed here
2. Click Next to update the details of the question

Copying a Question

You can copy an existing question from the list of available questions.

Step Screen
1. Click the Copy icon to create an editable replica of the question
Note: Edit and update the questions as described in the Create Question section
2. The name is preceded by "Copy of" the question name in the list
Note: Enable the My Questions toggle button to display the copied question on top of the search result list

Deleting a Question

You can delete only those questions that you have copied or created.

Step Screen
1. Click Delete icon to remove the question
2. The delete confirmation message is displayed here
 a. Click Delete to confirm deletion
 b. Click Cancel to retain the question