Review and Publish Book Material


Content or the book material on DIKSHA must adhere to standard guidelines to ensure good quality. When a content creator creates the content and sends it for review, the reviewer needs to verify the content for its appropriateness & usability aspects to ensure quality, after which it gets published. Organizations/tenants can assign reviewer roles to users and set guidelines. The content reviewer reviews and publish it on DIKSHA. If the content fails to achieve the criteria, reject it with comments, and the creator needs to edit the content and re-submit it. The content is available for the users to consume after it is reviewed and published.

Before You Begin

Who reviews & publishes the book material? User with Content Reviewer role
What is needed to review and publish content? Content submitted by the creator


What will be the outcome? Reviewed content adhering to the Terms of use and content policy. Accordingly, it can be
published (for users to consume) or
- rejected (needs relevant changes and re-submission)

Instructional Video

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to review book material

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • Ensure to select all the guideline checkboxes to publish the book material

What’s Next?

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