Create Digital Textbook Structure


On DIKSHA, a digital textbook is a collection of content units compiled or curated from school books or any book that conforms to the syllabi of the State, Central Board, or any recognized institution or publication. A book must be in the said medium of instruction and language. To create a digital textbook, the user must have book creation rights assigned. The creator can create the digital textbook structure on DIKSHA in two ways:

  • Using book editor and adding relevant units and sub-units one by one
  • Upload entire units and subunits using a CSV file with the relevant structure

In either way of creating the digital textbook structure, add the relevant details for each unit and the book as a whole to the respective sections.

Before You Begin

Who will create the digital textbook structure? User with Book Creator role
What is needed to create a digital textbook? The book creator must have a planned structure before creating it on DIKSHA


What will be the outcome? A defined digital textbook structure is created for adding the content

Instructional Video

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to create the digital textbook structure:

  • Adding relevant units and subunits one by one using the book editor
Video Download

  • Uploading a CSV file containing relevant units and subunits
Video Download

Additional Notes

The creator must ensure:

  • Enter book details and Unit details after creating the book structure.
  • Add accurate keywords to the book, if required. Keywords are case-sensitive

What’s Next?

Book Details

Field Description Additional Information
Add an image The image that appears as a digital textbook icon Mandatory; refer Add Image
Name The name of the book Mandatory
Description The information about the digital textbook Optional
Keywords The unique words that help in searching the book. They are case-sensitive. Mandatory
QR code required? Select if the QR code is to be added Optional
QR code If the QR code is required, enter the six-character code Optional
Category The type of content category. The default value is Digital book for all books Non-editable
Additional Category The list provides an additional relevant category to be tagged to the book Optional
Verticals The purpose of creating the digital textbook Optional
Programs Select the program with which the digital textbook is associated Optional
Audience type The type of learners for whom the digital textbook is intended Administrator
Board/Syllabus of the audience The board of the learner Mandatory
Medium(s) The language(s) in which the instructions are given to the learner Mandatory; multi-select
Class(es) The class(es) that the learner teaches, studies Mandatory; multi-select
Subject(s) The subject(s) that the learner studies or teaches Mandatory; multi-select
Author The person or organization who authored the original content. If the content creator on DIKSHA differs from the person who created the content, add the original author’s name Mandatory
Attribution The persons or organizations who have contributed to this content. Mandatory
Copyright The person or organization who owns the copyright. The default value is the tenant of the logged-in user Mandatory
Copyright year The year of the digital textbook creation Mandatory; 4 digit number
License The list of licenses supported by DIKSHA. For details about licenses and Content Policy, refer Terms and Policies of DIKSHA Mandatory

Unit Details

Field Description Additional information
Name Name of the unit Mandatory
Description Information about the unit Optional
Keywords Unique words that help to search an individual unit. They are case-sensitive Optional
Topic The topic list is populated Optional; multi-select