Add Digital Textbook Material


After creating the digital textbook structure, add the relevant content to every unit. These contents include book material like PDF, HTML content, videos, and assessments created and published on DIKSHA. These materials must be tagged appropriately. The digital textbook structure and the content are sent for review and published subsequently.

Before You Begin

Who adds the content to the digital textbook? User with Book Creator role
What is needed to add content? Content creators must publish all the content on DIKSHA. Examples: resources, images, assessments, and so on


What will be the outcome? Digital textbook with relevant contents, ready to be sent for review

Instructional Video

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to add content to the digital textbook structure:

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • Ensure the content is created and published on DIKSHA
  • Procure the do-ID and the name of the content to add them seamlessly.

What’s Next?