Textbook QR Code


Having a QR code for a textbook helps users scan the QR code and consume the textbook without much hassle. QR codes enhance the search and discoverability of the textbooks while enrolling and accessing any online textbooks. This is generated while creating the textbook. Once generated, it remains static, irrespective of the edits or rejections of a textbook while publishing.

Before you Begin

Who will create the QR code? User with Book Creator role
What is needed? Textbook with relevant contents, ready to be sent for review


What will be the outcome? QR code gets generated for the textbook that can be downloaded and added to textbook

Instructional Video

This video provides step by step instructions on how to generate and download the QR code for a textbook:

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • The QR code once generated cannot be edited
  • The codes can be incremented sequentially

What’s Next?

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