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HT & Officials

What is HT & other Official role on DIKSHA?

HT & other Official roles are for users who are at different leadership positions in the education department for example, school heads, cluster level officials, block and district level officials. Users who choose their role as HT & official will see a range of options in their homepage which will help them to learn, manage and act.

How do I login as HT and other officials on DIKSHA if I am a first time user?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the app and open it
  2. Choose your preferred language
  3. Select Role as HT and other official
  4. Continue with the login process.

What are the sub roles of DIKSHA?

The option of Sub-role appears in your profile once you choose the role of HT & other officials. It is the list of all designations that exist in the state. You can choose appropriate designation to get access to desired content/observation form/project. Examples of sub-role on DIKSHA are Head Teacher, BEO, CRP, DEO etc.

If I am already logged in as a Teacher, how do I change my role to HT and other Officials?

  1. Click on the Profile option on the homepage
  2. Click on Edit option below role and location details
  3. Choose your role as HT & other officials
  4. Choose your Sub Role
  5. Fill other necessary details like district, cluster, school
  6. Click Submit

What features are available if I am logged in as HT and other Officials on DIKSHA?

You have access to the following capabilities Access to the programs that are assigned to their sub role and location Access to Observations and Surveys Access to create and implement improvement projects Access to your own data Access to learning resources

How will I see the programs and other resources relevant to me?

To see the programs relevant to your sub role and location, you will be required to update your profile from the ‘Profile’ tab. Once the profile is updated, you will have access to the relevant programs and resources from the homescreen.

What does Profile page constitute for HT & official role on DIKSHA?

Profile page has username details, DIKSHA ID, content preference details, board details, contact details and your learning details. You can click on ‘Edit Profile’ option to update your role, sub-role, your assigned district/block/school as per your designation.

How do I update my profile based on my content preferences?

  1. Click Profile icon
  2. Click Edit below Role and Location details
  3. Choose Subrole
  4. Click on Submit

How can I update my District/Block/Cluster/School?

  1. Click Profile icon
  2. Click Edit below Role and Location details
  3. Update your District, Block, Cluster and School
  4. Click on Submit