Features in a Survey


  • A Survey has different kinds of questions and features that can be used to navigate through the questionnaire. These include Single-Select, Multi-Select, Date entry, Slider type, Text only, and Number only questions.

  • Surveys can be saved before submitting to save the progress of responses filled. Users can come back to saved responses at any point before submitting the Survey.

  • After all the questions have been answered in a Survey, the Submit button is enabled, and users can submit the Survey.

  • Users can download a Survey to be filled offline. The Survey can be saved offline and submitted when an internet connection is available. Downloaded Surveys can be accessed using the Download tab on the bottom navigation panel of the DIKSHA app.

Before You Begin

Who can access Surveys? HTs and Officials
What is needed?
  • A Survey is started, and the user is on the questionnaire page.
  • An active internet connection to save the Survey form online.


What will be the outcome?
  • Identify types of questions and features that can be used for navigation.
  • Survey progress is saved before submission.
  • Survey is submitted.
  • The Survey questionnaire is saved offline.

Features of a Survey

Feature of a Survey

Image with instructions

What’s Next?

Survey Reports on DIKSHA App