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  • Surveys are designed to capture data for a set of targeted users.

  • Surveys have multiple types of questions that allow the collection of different types of data.

  • Users can identify different Surveys through specific markings given as follows:

    • Surveys that have been completed will be marked with a green dot.
    • Surveys that have been opened but not recorded yet are marked by yellow dots.
    • Surveys that have expired are indicated by a grey dot.
    • Surveys that have not been opened yet appear without any dots.

Before You Begin

Who can access Surveys? HTs and Officials
What is needed? Log in as an HT and Officials.


What will be the outcome? The Survey is started.

Start Survey

Start a survey

Image with instructions

Additional Notes

  • After a response is recorded, the question turns green.

  • After the Survey is submitted, no edits can be made to it.

What’s Next?

Features in a Survey