Access Digital Textbook Using QR Code


To bridge the world of physical printed textbooks with digital learning assets; the QR codes or DIAL codes are printed on textbooks across states and central boards, and these Digital textbooks are called Energised Textbooks (ETB). Having a QR code for a textbook helps to consume the textbook without much hassle. Users can scan the QR codes printed in textbooks or search for the DIAL codes on the portal to access these Digital textbooks and related content using the DIKSHA mobile app. On the successful scan, the textbooks and the linked content are downloaded onto the mobile device. The content related to a QR code can be updated dynamically, enabling the reusability of the same QR code.

Before You Begin

Who can access a digital textbook? Any user on Mobile App
What is needed to access a digital textbook? Digital textbook QR code


What will be the outcome? Users access the intended digital textbook

Instructional Video

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to access a Digital textbook on DIKSHA

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • A QR code can be scanned using DIKSHA mobile app or any scanning app like Google Pay.
  • A URL can also be shared with users to discover the digital textbook for consumption.

What’s Next?

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