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The Digital textbooks or energised textbooks on DIKSHA are replicas of the corresponding chapters and sections of the printed book. The digital version provides additional content relevant to the printed textbook. The content in the digital textbook is coherent with the curriculum of a Board, Medium, Class and Subject. A Digital textbooks has content arranged in folders and sections in the hierarchy. Any user can access, read and learn a textbook using both DIKSHA Portal and DIKSHA Mobile App.

Before You Begin

Who can learn digital textbook? Any user on DIKSHA
What is needed to learn digital textbook? A discovered digital textbook


What will be the outcome? The user can learn the digital textbook

Instructional Video

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to learn a digital textbook on DIKSHA

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Additional Notes

An anonymous or logged-in user can learn and consume a digital textbook any number of times.

What’s Next?

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