Complete and Submit Improvement Project


An Improvement Project is marked completed only when all its tasks and subtasks are completed. Users can check the progress of their project in the progress bar section.

Once all tasks have been completed in an Improvement Project, the Submit Improvement button gets enabled, and users can submit their project. Users will be asked to upload files or evidence one final time before submitting the project. Users can choose to add more files or evidence or proceed to submit the project without it.

Before You Begin

Who can access Projects? HTs and Officials, Teachers
What is needed? All tasks and subtasks should be marked completed.


What will be the outcome?
  • Project is completed and Submit Improvement button is enabled.
  • Submit Improvement Project and add files or evidence at a project level.

Complete Improvement Project

To complete Improvement Project

Image with instructions

Submit Improvement Project

To submit Improvement Project

Image with instructions

Additional Notes

  • Submit Improvement button is not enabled unless all tasks are completed.

  • A task with subtasks will be completed only when all of its subtasks are marked completed.

  • It is not mandatory to add files or evidence at a project level.

  • After a Project is submitted, no edits can be made to it.

What’s Next?

View and Share Improvement Project