Receive and Access Certificates


A certificate may or may not be attached with a project A certificate is received by the user only if the project is enabled with a certificate and they have met the issuance criteria. The Content Creator sets the issuance criteria for receiving certificates. The issued certificate can be viewed and downloaded from the profile section.

Before You Begin

Who gets a Certificate?
  • User who submits a project on DIKSHA
  • App that has a certificate attached
What is needed to get a completion certificate? User should meet the certificate issuance criteria set by the Content Creator during the project submission.


What will be the outcome?
  • Access certificate from the project page and profile page.
  • Receive and download certificate if the issuance criteria is met.

Receive and Access Certificates

To receive and access certificates

Image with instructions

Additional Notes

  • Users will be able to edit their name, which will appear on the certificate when they start the project.

  • Users can verify their certificates by scanning the QR code on the certificate.

What’s Next?

Scan Certificates