Content Formats

What are the content format and file size that DIKSHA supports?

Currently, DIKSHA supports the following formats for compiled content:

File TypeFormatFile Size (single file)
Document.pdf50 MB
Video.MP450 MB
webm50 MB
Audio.MP350 MB
WebpageHTML zip50 MB (as zip)
SlidesECML (created using the inbuilt content editor)50 MB
H5P50 MB
ImagesJPEG50 MB
URLsYouTube videos and other filesNo restriction

Note: Use Upload Large File option to upload larger videos files (MP4, WEBM) upto 15 GB.

How can I upload video content created by others on DIKSHA?

Creators can upload video content created by other users with the required permissions from the content creator or copyright holder. The videos should adhere to prescribed guidelines about content material, file formats and size.

How do I add Youtube content on DIKSHA?

You can upload content by logging with valid creator credentials. Go to Profile​ >​ Workspace​ >​ Upload > Enter YouTube URL​

Upload YouTube URLs to share YouTube video content.

User cannot view YouTube content directly. Internet connectivity is a must to view YouTube videos.

How do I view the Youtube metadata?

On uploading the YouTube URL, the creator can enter the metadata associated with the video. DIKSHA does not fetch any metadata from YouTube.