Book Creation

Who can create a textbook?

Registered users with creation rights can create a textbook on DIKSHA.

What is an Energised Text Book (ETB)?

A Textbook with QR code printed on it is called an Energised Text Book (ETB).

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a unique 6 digit alphanumeric code that appears below the QR code image. You can scan the QR Code using the DIKSHA App. It downloads the linked resources on your mobile device.

Can users generate a QR codes by themselves?

A user with book creation role can generate a QR code while creating a textbook using the DIKSHA portal.

What is the maximum number of QR code can be generated at a time?

A maximum of 250 QR codes can be generated at a time.

Are there any mandatory fields to be filled before generating the QR code?

Yes, you need to fill the value for board, subject, medium, grade before generating the QR code.

What is the QR Code used for?

QR Code is used for linking a resource in a textbook.

How many resources can be linked to a textbook unit?

Ideally 30 units.

What is the format of a downloaded QR code zip file?

do_id_medium_grade_subject_serialNumber. For example, do_21272292756475084811971_english_class_5_mathematics_1553092113183.

How can I create a textbook by uploading a CSV file ?

  1. Log in as a book creator
  2. Navigate to Workspace > Create > Book
  3. Fill all the details
  4. Click Start Creating
  5. Click the Download Sample CSV file
  6. Update the details in the CSV file by referring to the sample CSV. Mandatory fields are Board, Medium, Grade, Subject, Textbook Name.

Important: Retain the column name provided in the sample CSV to the CSV file that you want to upload.

Why the Download ToC Metadata option is not enabled for me?

Create at least one topic/heading for your textbook to download ToC metadata.

What is do_ID?

The “do_id” is a system-generated unique identifier for each content created in DIKSHA. These “do_id”s are used as part of the DIKSHA URL. These do_id number after DIKSHA URL forms a complete URL to access any contents in DIKSHA. (for example:

How can I create a book offine?

  1. Download sample.csv file
  2. Append the file to create the table of content (ToC) of the book
  3. Save the CSV with the same name as that of the book
  4. Upload the .csv

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