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Create Batch


A published course is accessible to the user when a batch is created in the course. Batches help the user get the below details,

  • a timeline for enrolling in a particular course
  • a timeline for consuming a course
  • a discussion forum for communication between the users
  • issuing certificates to the users meeting the criteria, and so on.

Users can select a particular course and enroll themselves in a suitable batch to complete the course. A batch can be ongoing, upcoming, or expired.

Before You Begin

Who creates the batch? The user who creates the course
What is needed to create a batch? - A published course
- Defined start and end date, and enrollment end date


What will be the outcome? A batch for the users to enrol and consume

Instructional Video

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a batch on DIKSHA

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • Multiple batches can be created for the same course, but only one batch can be active at any point in time
  • The user who created the course can modify the following:

    • Batch end date
    • Enrollment end date (can be extended only till the batch end date)
    • Discussion forums can be enabled or disabled

What’s Next?

Add mentors, to assist in tracking the particular batch.