Create Course Material


Each course has different modules or sections comprised of individual content unit or material for achieving a learning goal. The course material has the information created and published by the States or its members for an end-user or a set of audience. The State Administrators provide registered users with appropriate rights for creating the material. Before creating course material on DIKSHA, a State user who runs the program must identify the content creators and reviewers in different States.

The material must be designed as an integral part of the course structure. To ensure the quality of content, it must comply with the recommended guidelines and a simple process of exacting reviews before publishing. Once the content is published, users can manage the material by adding them to the course structure.

The course material on DIKSHA is created in two ways:

  • Create new content using the inbuilt content editor as a resource.
  • Add an existing content using the Upload content option.

Before You Begin

Who creates the course material? User with Content Creator role
What is needed to create course material? The creator must plan and identify the type of course material for the topics in the course structure before creating it on DIKSHA


What will be the outcome? Course material is created and is ready for review and publish

Instructional Video

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to create course material:

Video Download

Additional Notes

The creator must ensure:

  • to enter correct content details while creating
  • to add right keywords if required. These keywords are case-sensitive.

What’s next?

Create course material as a Resource