Add Certificate using existing Template and Set Issuance Criteria


The certificate is issued to all the users or the users of the particular State when they fulfill the issuance criteria. The creator or the mentor is responsible to check the appropriateness of the certificate before it is added to the batch.

A certificate can be added to a batch within course by using an existing certificate template.

Before You Begin

Who adds the certificate template? User who creates the batch for the course
What is needed to add a certificate template? A state approved template published on DIKSHA


What will be the outcome? A certificate is added to the batch

Instructional Video

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to add a certificate using an existing template and set issuance criteria,

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • Set the issuance criteria based on
    • Progress of the course (mandatorily 100%)
    • Score obtained in the self-assessment
  • Add certificate while creating the batch or later when the certificate template is available

What’s Next?

Create new Certificate Template