Create Course Structure


A course comprises structured course material arranged in logical units to provide a learning journey for the users. The logical structure helps to create a step-by-step flow of learning for the user, where:

  • Structure is the table of contents with units/topics and relevant content in it
  • Unit is a folder with a topic that contains the content

The course structure can be created on DIKSHA in two ways:

  • Using course editor and add relevant units and sub-units one by one
  • Upload entire units and subunits using a CSV file with the relevant course structure

In either way of creating the course structure, the relevant metadata for each unit and the course as a whole must be added to the respective sections.

Before You Begin

Who creates the course structure? User with Content Creator role
What is needed to create a course structure? The content creator must have a detailed course structure planned out before creating it on DIKSHA


What will be the outcome? A defined course structure ready for adding the content

Instructional Video

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to create course structure on DIKSHA:

  • Add relevant units and subunits one by one using the course editor
Video Download

  • Upload a CSV file that contains relevant units and subunits
Video Download

Additional Notes

The creator must ensure:

  • Course details and Unit details are entered correctly while creating the course structure.
  • Add correct keywords to the course, if required. Keywords are case sensitive

What’s Next?