Review and Publish Course


A course on DIKSHA needs to adhere to standard guidelines to ensure good quality. When a content creator creates the course and sends it for review, the reviewer needs to verify the course for appropriateness & usability aspects to ensure quality, after which it gets published. Organizations/tenants can assign reviewer roles to a set of users and set guidelines. The content reviewer reviews and publishes the same, making it LIVE on DIKSHA.

In case the content fails to achieve the criteria, it is rejected with comments and the creator needs to edit the course and re-submit it.

Before You Begin

Who reviews & publishes the course? Content Reviewer
What is needed to review and publish a course? Content creators must agree to the Terms of use and content policy and submit the course for review. Share the course name, do-ID with the reviewer for review


What will be the outcome? Course is either rejected and the content creator needs to make relevant changes and re-submit it or the course is published for users to consume

Instructional Video

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to review and publish a course:

Video Download

Additional Notes

The creator must ensure:

  • Add multiple content creators to collaborate and assist the content creation.
  • The creators must belong to the same tenant.
  • The collaborator can perform all the activities of a content creator. However, only one collaborator can work on the content at a time.
  • The course creator can add/remove the collaborators as needed.
  • The system takes up to 4 hours for course content to move from the creator’s workspace into the reviewer’s workspace.

What’s Next?

Once the course is published, the unique QR code is generated.