Download Course QR Code


Having a QR code for a course helps users scan the QR code and consume the course without much hassle. QR codes enhance

  • The search and discoverability of the courses while enrolling and accessing any online courses
  • The ease of running the outreach programs/campaigns for the State admins.

Before You Begin

Who downloads QR code? This is automatically generated when a course is published. Once generated it remains static, irrespective of the edits or rejections of a course while publishing
What is needed to download course? A published course


What will be the outcome? QR code gets generated for the course that can be downloaded

Instructional Video

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to download the QR code for a course:

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • The QR code once generated cannot be edited

What’s Next?

A batch needs to be created for the published course so that users can enrol and consume.