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The creator can upload any existing content created on other platforms in different formats. These contents can be in the form of YouTube videos, PDF, MP3 or MP4. The Teachers, Students, Parents or other individuals can create and save the content offline on their local system (laptop, desktop). They can send the content to the registered user with the creator role, wherein the creator can upload the content to DIKSHA DIKSHA supports the following content formats:

  • Video (.mp4, .webm)
  • HTML zip
  • EPUB
  • H5P
  • Document format (.pdf)
  • URLs for YouTube videos and other files

It supports a maximum of 50 MB file size.

While uploading the newly designed course on DIKSHA under the State’s tenant, States need to necessarily refer to the details for appropriate naming and tagging of resources on the portal, for example- Board, Medium, Class, and Subject.

Note: DIKSHA validates the standard YouTube credits and licenses before it allows the upload. Users have permission to use, copy or distribute YouTube content with the regulations as per its license policy.

Before You Begin

Who uploads the content? User with Content Creator role
What is needed to create course material? Content in the video, PDF, MP3, MP4 or H5P format in local machine or YouTube or website URL


What will be the outcome? The course material is uploaded and is ready to be reviewed and published

Instructional Video

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to upload content:

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • The file size must be less than 50 MB.
  • To upload large files less than 15 GB use the Upload Large Videos option.

What’s next?

Once the resource is created, send it for review and publish.