Term Definition DIKSHA Context
Academic Calendar Academic calendar refers to the date range between which significant academic events such as examinations, holidays, semesters etc are decided. Typically, in India, the academic calendar starts at June and culminates at March. On DIKSHA, academic calendar can be configured as per organizational needs.
Accreditation Accreditation is a process in which certifications of competency, completion, or credibility are issued. Recognized body of individuals does accreditation. On DIKSHA, users are awarded accreditations for completing one or many courses, or an assessment. Content creators determine what level of completion or what assessment completion entitles the learner to get accredited. Organizations that conduct the course or assessments determine a credible institute or body of individuals to provide accreditation to the users.
Activity An engaging task to test or increase cognition. On DIKSHA, activities can be created on the inbuilt content editor. Activities are small units of content which entail a task or a test. These tasks can be added to lessons to make the lesson more engaging.
Administration The process of running an organization, a business or any collective. Administration is an umbrella term referring to a wide array of activities that ensures an affirmative upkeep of the organization, business etc. Administration rights can be configured on DIKSHA. An organization on DIKSHA can have one or many individuals maintaining the administrative upkeep of the organization. Each administrative individual can have rights and permissions assigned to them.
Administrator A person who manages or oversees the functioning of any body of individuals. In the context of DIKSHA, administrator is a person who is responsible for the upkeep of the portal and managing user roles and permissions.
Analytics Information that is derived by organized assessment of system data. On DIKSHA, analytics constitutes an integral part of administration. DIKSHA provides different dashboards for different users. Administrators can use the analytics that is available on their dashboards to understand and assess various activities and reports. This can help administrators understand overall functioning of the portal, in terms of which features of the portal are used more frequently than others, what users generally look for in the portal and the like.
API Application Programming Interface is a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service. DIKSHA provides a wide array of APIs. These APIs help to customize the portal to suit one’s requirements. For example, to aid searchability of content available in the portal, APIs can be used. These APIs enhance the search options and yield better results.
API Driven An application or service that functions primarily based on the APIs configured for the same. DIKSHA is an API driven portal. Users can configure APIs to customize the portal according to their needs.
App An application that is downloaded from a database and runs on any system, mobile device etc. DIKSHA acts as a medium to create apps that help in making learning tools available to as many as possible. One such example is the DIKSHA app. Content created on DIKSHA are available for download and consumption in the DIKSHA app. This app is API driven and various selected features of the app can be customized to suits the user or organization needs.
Archive The process of filing away outdated or obsolete content.  
Article A collection of words about any given topic/concept etc.  
Assessment An evaluation to gauge the level of understanding of any given topic/chapter/unit. On DIKSHA, assessments can be created using the inbuilt content editor. Assessments aid in assessing if the objective of a course, lesson etc. have been met. Most or all courses on DIKSHA are completed only on finishing an assessment. Assessment is an important means to gauge the effectiveness of any study material or course.
Audio file A file that comprises of sound. Audio files can be recorded or uploaded on the inbuilt content editor on DIKSHA. These audio files are used to create engaging study materials.