Term Definition DIKSHA Context
Dashboard Dashboard, in an application, provides an overview of one’s activities on the application. A dashboard can be customized to render information according to the user’s needs.  
Data In computing, data is information that has been translated into a form that is efficient for movement or processing.  
Data Analytics A process of reducing huge volumes of user data into actionable intelligence on DIKSHA.  
Database Data stored structurally and maintained over a period of time in a computer is called a database. On DIKSHA, all data viz. user details, all content created and uploaded, are stored in the database.
Discoverability The ability of a human, system or computer to find out or unearth that which was previously unknown. DIKSHA has a unique search algorithm that uses its pre-defined taxonomy to show content that is associated with the keywords specified.
Domain An area or range of knowledge, learning or information.  
Do_id This is a system-generated unique identifier for each content created in DIKSHA. They are part of the DIKSHA URL. These do_id number after DIKSHA URL forms a complete URL to access any contents in DIKSHA. (for example: https://diksha.gov.in/resources/play/content/do_312473549722288128119665)