Term Definition DIKSHA Context
Learner A learner is any person who consumes the content on DIKSHA.  
Learning Material Any content that serves the purpose of imparting any knowledge related information.  
Learning Resources The smallest complete unit of content created on the DIKSHA portal. Learning resources are singular pieces of content. These can be part of bigger units of content such as books, courses, assessments etc. There are several types of learning resources, namely: Story, Worksheet, Game, Book, Diagnostic, Puzzle, Benchmark assessment, Summative Exam, (annual /Half yearly/ semester) examination, Article, Learning / Study Material, Reference Material, Activity, Quiz, Lesson Plan, Unit plan, Academic Calendar, Classroom assessments, Reflective Journals, Teaching resources, E-resources for professional development, Micro practice videos.
Lesson plan Lesson plan is a structured outline of a given topic/unit/chapter to be taught in any given day. Lesson plan aids to streamline teaching and create an engaging learning experience.  
Library Library is a tile within the portal. All content created and uploaded are available here.