Term Definition DIKSHA Context
Tags Tags and metadata are synonyms. Any content piece can have multiple tags. On DIKSHA, tags associated with content make it easily searchable. There are five broad categories of tags mandated by the content editor and during content upload: Content Description, File Related, Ownership and Audience, Area specific Fields, Additional/User Defined Tags/Keywords.
Taxonomy A pre-determined classification that provides an unambiguous conceptual framework. The classification describes and separates mutually exclusive categories and subcategories of topics. Taxonomies help individuals and search engines find and retrieve information and content. On DIKSHA, all content pieces must have metadata such as a Name, description and other identifying elements that classify and aid the flow of content. DIKSHA’s inbuilt taxonomy improves search results and helps users discover relevant content. It also helps the system automatically recommend content based on user profile and preference, thus enhancing user experience.
Teaching Resource Any learning/study material that aids in teaching. On DIKSHA, teaching resource varies from games, quiz, assessment, books, collections, learning resources and so on.