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Using the content player


DIKSHA houses an inbuilt content player which can be used to play content anytime, anywhere. This section provides details on how to play content for different file types.

Any content available on DIKSHA regardless of its format opens and display on the content player.


You must be registered and logged in to DIKSHA.

Operating the content player

On clicking any content card, the content is displayed on the content player.

The controls are differnt for different kinds of files. For example, the controls are differnt for video files when compared to PDF files or the controls are differnt for an interactive page when compared to a textbook player and so on.

Video player

Image with instructions

PDF player

Image with instructions

Textbook player

Image with instructions

Interactive player (For examples, multiple choice questions, quizes and so on):

Image with instructions

QUML player (For example, Practice question papers, test question papers and so on)

Image with instructions