Discover a Course


DIKSHA has a huge repository of courses catering to different user types. These courses can be explored and accessed through various ways for easy consumption. Following are some of the ways to discover a course:

  • Course QR code
  • 6-digit DIAL code associated with a course
  • Course Name
  • Course Do-ID
  • Keywords
  • User preference based on Profile

Courses that match the user’s preferences are further categorised by subjects, and are displayed under the Courses tab. User can change these preferences at any time and discover other courses.

Before you Begin

Who discovers a course? User with roles - Teachers, Students, Parents, Head Teacher, School Officials, and others
What is needed to discover a course? Course Do-ID, Course name, Course QR code, Course DIAL code, keywords


What will be the outcome? User discovers the intended course on DIKSHA

Instructional Video

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to discover a course on DIKSHA

Video Download

Additional Notes

A course can also be discovered via URL that can be shared with various users for consumption.

What’s Next?

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