Take the Course


An enrolled user of the batch can start consuming the course.

The user can monitor the progress at any given time while consuming the course. Each course has several modules and upon completion of each unit or module, the user can see a green tick mark as an indication.

If the course has a certificate attached, then the user gets the certificate on meeting the issuance criteria.

Before you Begin

Who can take the Course An enrolled user
What is needed to take the Course? An active course batch


What will be the outcome? The user consumes the course

Instructional Video

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to take a course on DIKSHA

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • A course can be consumed any number of times, however the progress is updated only during the first time it is consumed.
  • A course can be consumed even after the batch to which the user enrolled has expired. However, the progress does not get updated.

What’s Next?

Complete the Courses Assessment