Create Groups


Any registered user can create groups. The user who creates the group automatically becomes the group administrator. A maximum of 50 groups can be created.

A group administrator can

  • add members to the group
  • designate another user as administrator
  • monitor group
  • share content with other members
  • monitor member activity for usage, progress and performance statistics of each activity assigned to the group.

This page provides step-by-step instruction on how to create groups on DIKSHA.

Note: It is mandatory to accept DIKSHA’s terms of use to create a group. An error message is displayed when trying to create a group without accepting the terms of use.

Image with instructions

Deactivate group

A group can be deactivated. Follow the instructions to deactivate a group,

Image with instructions

Reactivate group

A group can be reactivated. Follow the instructions to reactivate a group,

Image with instructions