Merge Accounts


On Diksha users can create accounts in three ways:

  1. Signing with Google Account
  2. Signing with State System
  3. First Time User Sign up

For more details on account creation, refer Sign In

For example, let us consider a user has taken a course on DIKSHA by logging in using either their Google account or self-signed up account. The user now wants to reflect those usage details in his/her state account, in such scenario DIKSHA provides a feature of “Merge Account” using which the user can combine the usage details.

The Merge Account feature enables users to:

  • combine the usage details of both the accounts and
  • delete the other account from DIKSHA records

Note: Account merge can be initiated only from a valid active account registered in the State system.


Ensure you have a valid email address/phone number registered on DIKSHA with its corresponding password.

Step Screen
1. Click the Profile icon
2. Select the Merge Account option from the list
3. Click Merge in the Merge Account pop-up box to combine the usage details of both accounts and delete the other account
4. Enter your Email Address/Phone Number or use Google sign in registered on DIKSHA to identify the account from which you want to merge usage details
5. Enter your password
6. Click Next
7. Click OK. Account merge is initated if the email address or phone number entered matches the details in DIKSHA records. In case, account merge fails, re-check and enter email address/phone number as registered on DIKSHA