DIKSHA Mobile App features

Exploring DIKSHA Mobile App Features

After signing in, the homepage of the app is displayed. The menu (three lines) on top of the screen and the taskbar at the bottom of the screen is available at all times. It contains icons for all the app features. Tap the required icon to navigate to the relevant feature and its associated screens.

DIKSHA app majorly consists of menu and taskbar features.

Accessing the Menu

The menu is displayed when you tap three lines visible on the left-top corner of the homepage. The menu contains the following option:

  • Users and Groups: Add multiple users and different groups on a device

  • Reports: Reports allow users with the required permission to view and download the reports of users and groups that are created by them. The users can view and download reports of assessments taken by users and groups

  • Import Content: Allows users to import content (.epar, .ecar and .gsa files) from the mobile’s downloads folder into the app

  • Language: Allows users to change language preferences

  • Settings: Settings allows the user to backup and sync telemetry data, provide information about device ID, merge accounts and app version and share DIKSHA app with others

  • Help: Get assistance on the features, troubleshoot the problems encountered while using the DIKSHA app

  • Log out: Multiple users can log in and log out of DIKSHA app installed on a device

Accessing the Taskbar

To explore the DIKSHA app, the task bar has the following options:

  • Library: A Library refers to a space that contains a large collection of books, resources or information. Library, a key module of DIKSHA displays all content created or uploaded on the platform.

  • Courses: Courses is content provided in sequence, broken down in modules. It may contain assessments to track the learner’s progress.

  • Downloads: Downloads contain the content from the DIKSHA on your device. You can view, filter, sort, and delete the downloaded content in the absence of an internet connection.

  • Profile: Profile allows the registered users to extend and provide information related to their experience, skills, education, awards, etc. Providing this information helps the system provide personalized recommendations for courses to upgrade your skills, selects you for custom programs, connects you to others in the community, build bridges for collaboration and so on.