Question Set Report


The Question Set Report contains the user’s responses to each question in the course assessment. It also has information on the duration when the users attempted the questions. The state can use this exhaust to evaluate the complexity or easiness of course assessment.

Before You Begin

Who views the question set report? Creator of the course or an assigned course mentor
What is needed to view the Question Set Report? The do-ID or the name of the course


What will be the outcome? User downloads and views the Question Set Report

Instructional Video

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to request, download and view Question Set Report:

Video Download

Additional Notes

  • The requested report cannot be re-requested until it is processed.
  • User can place the report request for both Live and Expired batches.
  • The report is valid if the course has a course assessment.

What’s Next?

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Question set report

The question set report consists of the following columns:

Column Label Description
Collection ID The course identifier
Collection Name The course title
Batch ID The course batch identifier
Batch Name The batch title
User UUID The unique user ID generated by the system to identify the user on DIKSHA
QuestionSet ID The question set identifier
QuestionSet Title The title of the question set
Attempt ID The system generated attempt identifier
Attempted On The date when the user last tried the question set
Question ID The question identifier
Question Type The question type. Valid values:
MCQ - Multiple choice question
MTF - Match the following
FTB - Fill in the blank
Question Title The title of the question
Question Description The description of the question
Question Duration The time the user takes to answer the question (in seconds)
Question Score The score obtained for the question
Question Max Score The maximum applicable score for the question
Question Options The options displayed to the user
Question Response The responses provided by the user. All user responses for the question set are shared