DIKSHA offers engaging self-learning materials that can be packaged together as a course. Teachers, Students, Parents, Head Teachers and other School Officials can use this material to run different programs such as,

  • Capability-building programs for Teachers
  • Structured revision programs for students and more

These courses can be accessed anywhere and anytime through Portal, Mobile App and Desktop App in any of the popular regional languages. Users can consume courses both online and offline.

A course enables the learner to have a structured and continuous learning journey with real-time progress monitoring. Users get a certificate for completing a course or obtaining a particular score in the course assessment. These certificates are essential artifacts and also a source of inspiration for users. Program creators and administrators can view the enrolments and completions at a state and district level to derive meaningful insights and act accordingly.

Micro or bite-sized courses are generally more engaging for the users as they focus on small chunks of information than extensive courses.

Overall Process

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